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Lessons Learned, Smarter Moves & Thicker Skins | S4E8

We all make mistakes. No early career is without its share of diving headfirst into exciting new opportunities. (And others kind of fall in.. or trip in!) The trick is to pay attention. To mindfully assess what happened and why, so that we can grow from it. If you’re doing it right, the longer you’re in business, the more mistakes you’ve made – and the more you’ve learned from them all.

Lisa and Garrison have learned so many lessons, which suggests they’ve each made a mistake somewhere along the road. Maybe even two! From the importance of a solid contract to learning the kind of clients that just aren’t a good fit. These lessons were hard-learned. This wisdom hard-won. And we’re all the better for it.

Points of interest include: Dialing for dollars, a brief kitchen check-in, how hard it is to be a sensitive person in business, navigating and finding the right partnerships – and much more.

Why Go to KBIS? (with The Chaise Lounge’s Nick May) | S4E7

Our exciting KBIS coverage continues, this time joined by The Chaise Lounge’s Nick May!

Still hype from their last discussion, Garrison and Lisa dig into the various reasons they feel it’s important to come to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (almost) every year – or to send your junior designers along at the very least. With Nick in the mix, our transcontinental crew reminisces about their hilariously-storied histories, and bring their combined decades of varied expertise to the table.

Points of interest include: Garrison’s 54th floor Las Vegas view, how important is it to come to KBIS, the value of relationships, how important it is to handle mistakes well, a special tease of Garrison’s hometown project – and much more.

KBIS Favorites: Lisa & Garrison’s Exciting Finds | S4E6

The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS)– held in Orlando, FL back in February – highlights “product innovations from leading kitchen and bath brands”. It’s our pleasure to bring you an on-location episode. Recording together, in person for the very first time, are our lovely hosts Garrison and Lisa, who just gush and gush over all the cool things they saw.

Points of interest include: Garrison’s blister and Lisa’s boots, being more conscious of product sourcing, thermally modified hardwood, fave after fave – and much more.

Lisa and Garrison’s Rules for Design – Which to Follow, Which to Break | S4E5

Rules are important. As we first started making our way in this world, coloring inside the lines helped us understand certain boundaries and why they were put there. As we got older, more experienced, and eventually made a return to childhood silliness – well, we realized that “oh my gosh”, there are just so many rules that we can break. To surprising and wonderful effect!

Join Lisa and Garrison as they go over a dizzying number of their favorite design go-to’s, including ones that just don’t follow the rules.

Points of interest include: antiquing, faux plants, reflections, every space having something to read – and much more.

Project Talk | S4E4

Let’s be frank. The world looks a lot different now than it did a month ago – much less back in December when this episode was recorded. On the one hand, it can feel a little disorienting to hear a conversation from a time when our thoughts and habits were in another place entirely. On the other, it can also be a reminder of normalcy.

So, on that note, we’d like you to join us as we revisit a time when we were looking forward. We can chuckle together at the plans we made. (What’s the old saying? “When mortals make plans, the gods laugh.”)

Points of interest include: Donation vs. consignment, Garrison’s special project, not just another brewery, the people you surround yourself with, client shopping surprises – and much more.

Be safe out there!

Client Expectations, Honesty and Accountability | S4E3

And we’re back!

With everything going on in the world, we’re incredibly appreciative that you took a moment to join us this week. Our episode this week focuses on expectations and honesty, cornerstones of any relationship – including professional ones.

Points of interest include: Chock full o’Nuts, Palm Springs, taking care of every detail, mistakes and how to handle them, budget creep – and much more.

Be safe out there!

Social Media and Getting Your Message Across | S4E2

Welcome to week 2 with our new, dynamic, design duo!

Recorded way, way back in a holiday season of yesteryear, Garrison and Lisa share a little bit about the craziness of the time before turning their attention to social media and messaging. The challenges, their insights and habits, all that fun stuff.

Points of interest include: Sneak peeks (not giving it all away), social media habits, does your messaging reflect your brand, getting emotionally invested in clients and projects – and much more.

Season 4 Premiere! | Welcome Lisa

A new year. A new host. A new Coast to Coast. Joining Garrison in our cross-country game of telephone is Lisa Davenport! In this episode we get to know our new host and her journey, while also making stops for important vistas along the way. Points of interest include: The importance of visualizing success, what goes into relocating a business, having consistent systems, time management – and much more.