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Baby, You're the Boss at Home: Studio vs. Home Office | S6E7 - Coast To Coast Design

Baby, You’re the Boss at Home: Studio vs. Home Office | S6E7

You don’t gotta’ go to work (work, work, work, work, work), but you gotta’ put in work (work, work, work, work, work).

Okay, we’re being silly, but it’s true! No matter where you decide to keep your office, you’re still the boss. You take your business with you wherever you go. So where do you want it to be? Lisa and Garrison explore all the various angles of this crucial question and recount their own experiences as design professionals working from a home office and eventually getting into a studio of their own.

Points of interest: update your Google My Business profile, the professional presentation of your home, strategic partnerships in office spaces, hidden costs both personal and professional – and much more.

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