Celebrating Differences Pt. 2 | S6E4

And we’re back.

More anecdotes. More wisdom. More ways to be a professional success from two amazing, different people.

Points of interest include: qualifying clients, standards and consistency, the kickoff process, commercial work, the office’s role in landing a client – and much more.

Celebrating Differences Pt. 1 | S6E3

One of the dirty little secrets of success is that there’s actually more than one right way. Every path and every philosophy has its pros and cons, sure, but it’s all about finding the right one for you and making it work. After all, what is Coast to Coast if not a celebration of two different people with two different styles making their way through this world as successful, creative professionals?

When Lisa and Garrison sat down for this conversation, they came to the table with so much to say that we couldn’t resist breaking it into two episodes. Enjoy a heaping helping of anecdotes and wisdom from our favorite transcontinental couple, and stay tuned for even more in our next episode.

Points of interest include: more on Lisa’s home project, commercial work, smaller projects vs. bigger and more bespoke, talking to clients – and much more.

Non-Competes & Professional Behavior | S6E2

There are rules that we have to follow, and there are rules that we define and follow ourselves. Set by our own internal compass. A personal code. Character. Where does one begin and the other end? And which should be written down on paper and enforced?

Eww, what is this – a college course on Theories of Law? No! Just our two favorite design professionals talking about how contracts and behavior come into play when you’re trying to make your way in this world of ours. It’s still Lisa and Garrison, kooky as ever!

Points of interest include: when are non-competes necessary, how to handle employees that act in bad faith, maturity – and much more.

Season 6 Premiere! | Catching Up & Project Talk

We’re back! Gosh it feels like it’s been forever. Has it really been that long – or is it just a 2020 thing? (Our vote is 2020.)

Lisa and Garrison were so excited to reconnect and catch up, and we’re excited to share that with you. No special topic this week, just two friends getting by as professionals and human people in these modern times.

Points of interest include: projects projects projects, the discovery phase, state-by-state, the Andy Griffith Show – and more.

Overcoming the Failures of Others: Protecting Your Reputation and Your Clients | S5E10

Sometimes you walk into a professional relationship with someone and they already have some pretty strong prejudices in place about what to expect. Maybe they learned it from TV. Maybe they were burned by a previous designer or contractor. Whatever the case, you know that you’ll have to go above and beyond to make sure that you really wow them.

On this week’s Coast to Coast, Lisa and Garrison talk all about the times they’ve had to pick up the pieces from somebody else’s mess. It can be frustrating when it happens, sure, but appropriate damage control can win a good relationship for life.

Points of interest include: inheriting a bad situation, how to handle somebody taking credit for your work, raising the bar for yourself and those around you – and much more.

Brand Identity | S5E9

Consistency is key. In your messaging, your quality, your pricing. All of these (and more) add up to how you’re perceived by your clients. To the reputation that precedes you when a photo of your work or the name of your company enters a room. That’s your brand, y’all. It’s, like, important and stuff.

Lisa and Garrison have worked long and hard to build their brands, and learned plenty of lessons from their failures and successes along the way. 

Points of interest include: having a brand book/style guide, how your brand shows up in your work, selective partnerships and when to be picky – and a special appearance by The Chaise Lounge host and iMay Media’s own Nick May!

Storytime Fun | S5E8

We’re gonna’ keep this one short and simple: It’s time to just have some fun, so gather ’round for story time. We’ve got anecdotes, we’ve got pranks and silliness. That’s it! Listen and enjoy!

Points of interest include: Lisa’s phone troubles, Garrison gets spooked, Lisa’s morning segment – and much more.

Raw & Real | S5E7

The last thing our cross-continental duo wants to do is add to the big pile of bummer that is life in 2020. It’s against the whole spirit of how they live their lives. And yet, Lisa and Garrison have felt a little remiss about not exposing more of their vulnerability. Sure we’ve talked here and there about how COVID has affected us all, profesionally and individually. But there’s always been that “stiff upper lip” attitude underlining it all. No true catharsis.

Well, get ready for something a bit more raw. We invite you to join us in acknowledging how troubling and confusing things have really been. Moments of shame, fear, disappointment. That stuff we don’t always share out loud. And we promise – next week will be a fun one!

Points of interest include: Who saw this coming?, feeling out of control, wrestling with self-doubt and disappointment, TV talk?! – and much more.

(You may notice some inconsistent audio quality due to the pandemic disrupting our usual setup. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we transition.)

Cultivating Positive & Challenging Relationships | S5E6

Relationships are important. And if last week’s episode didn’t stress that enough, well we’re here to tell you again. Professional peers, meetup groups, networks, friends, vendors, competitors – all have something to offer.

So how do you approach building relationships? When is it worth spending your aleady valuable and limited time? And how do you tell the ones worth keeping? (Hint: People who call you out from time to time are worth their weight in gold.) Join us on this week’s Coast to Coast as Lisa and Garrison talk about their experiences and successes (and even a few missteps) on the road to making friends.

Points of interest include: joining groups when you’re starting out, isolation in success, sharing your story with those who can relate – and much more!

(You may notice some inconsistent audio quality due to the pandemic disrupting our usual setup. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we transition.)

Mentoring & Self-Acceptance | S5E5

Lisa and Garrison are here to help. Why?

Well most of us have that story from when we started out. That one time there was a kind soul who took us under their wing, or gave us a piece of free advice, or pitched in when things got tough. Well, if we’re lucky. Some of us toughed it out alone. Whatever the road, the value of that support and guidance can’t be understated. We’ve all felt it. We all have to start somewhere.

On this week’s Coast to Coast, things get a touch more real. What starts as a conversation about mentoring digs a little deeper into the virtues and benefits of self-acceptance, and how important it is to learn to live your best, authentic life.

Points of interest include: Lisa won’t let Garrison’s tardiness slide, life experience matters as much as professional experience, The Faucet Parable, start by loving yourself – and much more!

(You may notice some inconsistent audio quality due to the pandemic disrupting our usual setup. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we transition.)