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Season 4 Archives - Coast To Coast Design

Season 4

What’s next? | S4 Hiatus Pt. 2

Garrison and Lisa just couldn’t stay away, and had plenty more to say on the subject of where things are at. What they’ve learned about themselves these last few months, more effects of working from home, and even a little light prognostication. So before our hiatus kicks off again in earnest, we’d like to bring you another conversation of humble, authentic hope and love between two extremely different interior designers that just can’t get enough of eachother.

Points of interest include: Remote works, funkytown, social media, working differently with teams – and much more.

The World Looks A Little Different Now | S4 Hiatus

Oh, hi there! Since most of Season 4’s conversations were recorded mostly before the pandemic, Lisa and Garrison really wanted to reconnect and talk about how their lives have been these last couple months. No doom and gloom, we promise. Just some lively conversation between friends that takes a look at the same world we all live in right now. Hardships, adjustments, expectations. That sort of thing.

Points of interest include: Working from home, how to deal, what’s the plan, taking smaller jobs – and much more.

Lisa and Garrison’s Rules for Design – Which to Follow, Which to Break | S4E5

Rules are important. As we first started making our way in this world, coloring inside the lines helped us understand certain boundaries and why they were put there. As we got older, more experienced, and eventually made a return to childhood silliness – well, we realized that “oh my gosh”, there are just so many rules that we can break. To surprising and wonderful effect!

Join Lisa and Garrison as they go over a dizzying number of their favorite design go-to’s, including ones that just don’t follow the rules.

Points of interest include: antiquing, faux plants, reflections, every space having something to read – and much more.

Social Media and Getting Your Message Across | S4E2

Welcome to week 2 with our new, dynamic, design duo!

Recorded way, way back in a holiday season of yesteryear, Garrison and Lisa share a little bit about the craziness of the time before turning their attention to social media and messaging. The challenges, their insights and habits, all that fun stuff.

Points of interest include: Sneak peeks (not giving it all away), social media habits, does your messaging reflect your brand, getting emotionally invested in clients and projects – and much more.

Season 4 Premiere! | Welcome Lisa

A new year. A new host. A new Coast to Coast. Joining Garrison in our cross-country game of telephone is Lisa Davenport! In this episode we get to know our new host and her journey, while also making stops for important vistas along the way. Points of interest include: The importance of visualizing success, what goes into relocating a business, having consistent systems, time management – and much more.