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Cultivating Positive & Challenging Relationships | S5E6 - Coast To Coast Design

Cultivating Positive & Challenging Relationships | S5E6

Relationships are important. And if last week’s episode didn’t stress that enough, well we’re here to tell you again. Professional peers, meetup groups, networks, friends, vendors, competitors – all have something to offer.

So how do you approach building relationships? When is it worth spending your aleady valuable and limited time? And how do you tell the ones worth keeping? (Hint: People who call you out from time to time are worth their weight in gold.) Join us on this week’s Coast to Coast as Lisa and Garrison talk about their experiences and successes (and even a few missteps) on the road to making friends.

Points of interest include: joining groups when you’re starting out, isolation in success, sharing your story with those who can relate – and much more!

(You may notice some inconsistent audio quality due to the pandemic disrupting our usual setup. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we transition.)

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