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Lessons Learned, Smarter Moves & Thicker Skins | S4E8 - Coast To Coast Design

Lessons Learned, Smarter Moves & Thicker Skins | S4E8

We all make mistakes. No early career is without its share of diving headfirst into exciting new opportunities. (And others kind of fall in.. or trip in!) The trick is to pay attention. To mindfully assess what happened and why, so that we can grow from it. If you’re doing it right, the longer you’re in business, the more mistakes you’ve made – and the more you’ve learned from them all.

Lisa and Garrison have learned so many lessons, which suggests they’ve each made a mistake somewhere along the road. Maybe even two! From the importance of a solid contract to learning the kind of clients that just aren’t a good fit. These lessons were hard-learned. This wisdom hard-won. And we’re all the better for it.

Points of interest include: Dialing for dollars, a brief kitchen check-in, how hard it is to be a sensitive person in business, navigating and finding the right partnerships – and much more.

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