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Mentoring & Self-Acceptance | S5E5 - Coast To Coast Design

Lisa and Garrison are here to help. Why?

Well most of us have that story from when we started out. That one time there was a kind soul who took us under their wing, or gave us a piece of free advice, or pitched in when things got tough. Well, if we’re lucky. Some of us toughed it out alone. Whatever the road, the value of that support and guidance can’t be understated. We’ve all felt it. We all have to start somewhere.

On this week’s Coast to Coast, things get a touch more real. What starts as a conversation about mentoring digs a little deeper into the virtues and benefits of self-acceptance, and how important it is to learn to live your best, authentic life.

Points of interest include: Lisa won’t let Garrison’s tardiness slide, life experience matters as much as professional experience, The Faucet Parable, start by loving yourself – and much more!

(You may notice some inconsistent audio quality due to the pandemic disrupting our usual setup. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we transition.)

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