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Raw & Real | S5E7 - Coast To Coast Design

Raw & Real | S5E7

The last thing our cross-continental duo wants to do is add to the big pile of bummer that is life in 2020. It’s against the whole spirit of how they live their lives. And yet, Lisa and Garrison have felt a little remiss about not exposing more of their vulnerability. Sure we’ve talked here and there about how COVID has affected us all, profesionally and individually. But there’s always been that “stiff upper lip” attitude underlining it all. No true catharsis.

Well, get ready for something a bit more raw. We invite you to join us in acknowledging how troubling and confusing things have really been. Moments of shame, fear, disappointment. That stuff we don’t always share out loud. And we promise – next week will be a fun one!

Points of interest include: Who saw this coming?, feeling out of control, wrestling with self-doubt and disappointment, TV talk?! – and much more.

(You may notice some inconsistent audio quality due to the pandemic disrupting our usual setup. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we transition.)

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